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Geoexchange heating and cooling systems, also known as ground source heat pumps, are an improvement on familiar heat pump technology. The heat pump works like a refrigerator or air conditioning unit, but a geothermal heat pump is made super-efficient by harnessing the consistent temperature of the earth to do most of the work of heating and cooling your home.

Stored energy from the sun maintains deep earth at a constant 54 degrees year round, which is cooler than summertime air temperatures and warmer than winter air temperatures. This constant difference is what makes a GSHP more efficient and reliable than any other heating and cooling method available.

  • Vertical ground loops installed in the earth beneath your home or building, up to 350 feet deep, use the thermal mass of the earth as the ultimate heat source/sink.
  • Fluid circulating through the loops is warmed or cooled to the constant temperature of the earth.
  • A heat pump circulates refrigerant that is warmed by the ground loops in winter and cooled by the ground loops in summer. Compression and condensation inside the pump intensify the heating and cooling power of the fluid.
  • Air or water inside the home is heated or cooled by the pump and distributed evenly throughout the building.
  • Excess/waste heat can be diverted to your domestic hot water system.